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Produce Department. We have a variety of exotic imported and local fruits and vegetables to meet our customers needs.


Meat Department. We offer quality, value & selection in fresh, frozen & processed meats. Select from a variety of poultry, beef, pork and lamb as well as many specialty items. We also carry a wide selection of boxed meats, such as chicken wings and burgers. Our grade "A" beef are effectively aged to maximize tenderness & flavor available a variety of cuts.


Seafood Department. We offer a wide variety of frozen fish and seafood products. Choose from a selection of frozen fish fillets or shrimp, from the local market or from arround the world.

deli Deli Department. We offer a wide assortments of quality imported meats and cheeses to meet everyones taste. Our deli selections are cut fresh while you wait, catering to your needs.
bakery Bakery Department. We carry a variety of fresh breads, rolls, and delicous fresh and frozen desserts all made locally.
cosmetic Cosmetic Department. Our cosmetic counter carries a variety of pharmasuitical, household, and toiletry products to meet the needs of everyday life. Here you will find cold medicines, deoderants, shampoos, baby products and almost everthing else you are looking for.
alcohol Alcohol and Fine Wines Department. We carry of large variety of wines from around the world, champane, beer and other bar brands. Check-out our selection of liquer from all over the Caribbean, expecially our own local St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. rum selection. (Sunset Strong, SLR, Rum Punch, Caption Bligh and introducing Sparrow)
eatery In Store Eatery. We offer a snack section at our Sunrise Supermarket in Arnos Vale (across from the airport). There you can stop in for a drink or a nice light snack. We also offer a variety of locally made ice cream.
cleaning Cleaning Supplies. We have a product to clean any spill. From floor cleaners, bathroom sprays and laundry soap, we carry what you need.
pet Pet Supplies. We offer a variety of pet foods for dogs, cats and birds. We have accesories for grooming and a variety of leashes.

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